Location: Singapore


About Us

Ingensoma is a leading derivatives trading firm in the Asian financial markets with trading operations in Asia and Europe.  The Company was created by a group of friends who sought to combine their trading experience, sound discipline, and intellectual capacities.  It is an innovative and dynamic firm with a flat management structure that encourages everyone to collaborate and contribute. 

We utilize state-of-the-art proprietary software and advanced valuation models that enable us to be one of the most competitive market-makers in a number of the major derivatives markets in Asia.  

Role Description

As an IT Engineer, you'll work on our proprietary trading system and essential infrastructure.  You will be collaborating in a small group of programmers and system administrators charged with evolving our core technology platform.  This role will be responsible for administrating and improving a diverse technology stack across multiple asset classes and regions.  Our objective is to automate most of our work, including deployment automation, continuous integration builds, centralized configuration management, and monitoring infrastructure.

This key role, operating within the IT Infrastructure group, provides the opportunity to work with a wide variety of areas within the Company.  We need your skills and insights everywhere in the Company, from software development, system support, performance engineering, and trading.

Your responsibilities

  • Maintain the IT Infrastructure for a robust low latency Linux trading and backend environment.

  • Focus on automation and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery so that we can deploy hardware, and software, solutions rapidly and repeatedly.

  • Providing support for the IT infrastructure that powers our proprietary trading systems deployed across a multi-platform production environment (primarily Linux with some Windows).

  • Troubleshoot and resolve trading system production incidents resulting from internal or external factors.

  • Contribute to IT Infrastructure projects such as data fabric expansion, internal/external cloud computing improvements, trader workstations upgrades, and data center build-outs.

  • Keep pace with the latest trends in server hardware and evaluate via benchmarking methodologies.


  • University degree, preferably in computer science or engineering, or related fields.

  • Candidate must be holding Singapore citizenship.

  • Educated as a system administrator or experience in a system administrator position. A solid understanding of Linux systems is required.

  • Scripting languages such as Python and Bash.

  • Clear communication in English.

  • Ability to reason logically and attentive to detail


  • Exposure with virtualization technologies (XenServer, VMWare, Docker, or equivalents).

  • Experience with configuration management and automation solutions (SaltStack, Puppet, Chef, or equivalents).

  • Familiarity with cloud technologies such as AWS VPC, AWS Storage Gateway, and AWS S3 Glacier.

  • Expertise with monitoring toolsets (SolarWinds, Logstash, Filebeat, or equivalents).

  • Experience with source control systems (Git, SVN, Gitlab, or equivalents).

  • Interested in networking technologies (Cisco ASA firewalls, Cisco Catalyst Switches, Arista 7150, and Arista 7130 L).

Process of Interview

  • Shortlisted candidate will be asked to take a technical test.

  • Depending on the test result, there will be two rounds of interviews.

We offer

  • An exciting informal & cordial environment wherein you will work collaboratively with experienced programmers and traders; all focused on creating innovative solutions that position the firm for the future.

  • A good monthly salary, plus an annual performance-based bonus. We reserve a fixed part of our business results for our bonus pool. A share in our profits will reward the difference you make for Ingensoma.

How to Apply

  • Please send your resume along with a cover letter in English to itg@ingensoma.com.

  • You can reach out to our corporate recruiter Deepti Singh at +65 67139534 for updates.

  • Regret but due to high volume application, only shortlisted candidate will be notified about their entry into the hiring process.

What makes Ingensoma unique is our collaborative culture and our brilliant people. We are a trading firm in a technologically intense industry, and our proprietary software plays a vital role in our firm.

The technology team works closely with the rest of the Company, building algorithms, exploring trading ideas, and evolving its platform. We are a small, culturally diverse group of talented programmers and system administrators operating an expansive technology stack across multiple regions and businesses.

Our size is a strength, with a flat management structure and low levels of bureaucracy, we can move quickly. Your contributions will be visible and highly appreciated.

Ingensoma is a great company to grow as an engineer. Our problems are complex, from low-level performance engineering to higher-level system design. Our team is eager to teach, and there is a culture of exploration and learning.